'Emotional awareness around DSB’s strategy'

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October 3, 2014/in CORPORATE, NEWS


There was explosive applause when DSB’s Strategy 2030 film was shown September 10, 2014 to DSB’s directors, managers and representatives at the yearly strategy conference.

The film is just one part of a larger communication platform based around DSB’s strategy, which boldly looks forward to 2030. It is also the last in the series of five internal films conceptualized and produced by Copenhagen Film Company during the past year.

Director Uffe Truust has attempted to establish an overall narrative that all of DSB can take part in. “In a cinematic language, we can not explain the strategy components concretely, but we can give the audience an emotional awareness around its premises,” says Truust.

The overall philosophy in this series is that messages disseminated from person to person communicate more clearly and intuitively. This creates personal identification, which in turn bolsters pride, dedication and understanding.

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