'New Thinking within Corporate Filmmaking'

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January 28, 2011/in CORPORATE, NEWS


In producing the new Maersk corporate movie, Copenhagen Film Company is setting new standards for corporate filmmaking.

“We have raised the bar and have put together a handpicked team of film professionals,” says René Strandbygaard, partner in Copenhagen Film Company.

“When we launch the new Maersk Corporate Movie in 2012, we will present a whole new way of corporate film making, exploring the corporate DNA of Maersk. We will be communicating in a very visual way, departing from the classical A-Z story and the screen version of an annual report. Our photographers have used filmic methods and effects not usually connected with corporate film making, visually surprising the audience,” says René Strandbygaard.

The scale of the production corresponds to the size of a larger feature film, and three film crews have been traveling around the globe, filming the magnificent world of Maersk. Wherever we encounter Maersk – from the hustle and bustle of the big cities to isolated polar and desert landscapes – we meet a corporation consisting of passionate and dedicated employees, equally at home in the remote corners and metropolises of the world.

Besides the corporate movie, the footage will be used in a series of unique Business Unit films and four Theme films. Maersk Corporate Movie will premiere at the beginning of 2012.

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