March 23, 2017/in CORPORATE, NEWS


CFC Corporate has recently launched The Windiest Place on Earth, a 9-minute corporate film produced for the wind turbine giant Vestas. The film takes us on 1,200 km journey following the Vestas wind turbines from their arrival at the port in Mombasa to their final destination in Northeast Kenya, Lake Turkana – the biggest wind farm in Africa with its 365 wind turbines installed.

“The project is super exciting, and it has been amazing documenting a commercial project that makes so much sense to the region”, says photographer and owner of CFC Corporate, René Strandbygaard. It is a sustainable environmental project that will provide renewable energy to Kenya; a region where more often than not cities and streets are blacked out.


The Lake Turkana Wind Park will provide 310MW to Kenya’s national grid, covering approximately 15 percent of the country’s entire installed national capacity, otherwise based mainly of fossil fuels. The wind conditions of Lake Turkana are unique and the location is considered the windiest place on earth with a wind speed of 11m/s.

“Besides being an really beautiful place, it is also extremely windy which made especially the sound recordings very challenging and difficult. Often the wind was so strong that the installation of the turbines had to be put on hold, pausing our film production as well”, says René. “A drone team was flown in to work for three days in the Lake Turkana, but when they left the drone had been in the air for merely three hours. The wind conditions were too heavy and more than once the team came very close to losing their drone.”

Besides making the main film, we have produced seven smaller films for Vestas, each film exploring a specific theme: For instance, in Making the Infrastructure Come to Life the logistics involved when transporting 365 turbines across Kenya are described, and the CSR film deals with the cooperation with the local community and the numerous pre-feasibility studies of the climatic and environmental conditions of Lake Turkana.

“As a side benefit to the film crew, we connected well with the local people and had some amazing and unexpected encounters with the wildlife in the region”, says René. “The extreme weather and the natural surroundings were pretty much business as usual, because that is what we are good at.”

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